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God Knows Our Needs

Today's Devotional

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else. Matthew 6:33 nlt

Lando, a jeepney (a form of public transport in the Philippines) driver in Manila, gulped down coffee at a roadside stall. Daily commuters were back again after the Covid-19 lockdowns. And the sports event today means more passengers, he thought. I’ll get back lost income. Finally, I can stop worrying.

He was about to start driving when he spotted Ronnie on a bench nearby. The street sweeper looked troubled, like he needed to talk. But every minute counts, Lando thought. The more passengers, the more income. I can’t linger. But he sensed that God wanted him to approach Ronnie, so he did.

Jesus understood how difficult it is not to worry (Matthew 6:25-27), so He assures us that our heavenly Father knows exactly what we need (v. 32). We’re reminded not to be anxious, but to trust Him and devote ourselves to doing what He wants us to do (vv. 31-33). As we embrace and obey His purposes, we can have confidence that our Father who “clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire” will provide for us according to His will—just as He provides for all creation (v. 30).

Because of Lando’s conversation with Ronnie, the street sweeper eventually prayed to become a believer in Christ. “And God still provided enough passengers that day,” Lando shared. “He reminded me my needs were His concern, mine was simply to follow Him.”

What anxieties weigh on your heart? What steps can you take to surrender your cares to God?

Dear God, I don’t need to worry because You’ve promised to care and provide for me.


The observance of the Sabbath was a contentious issue for the religious leaders of Jesus’ day (Matthew 12:1-12; Mark 3:2-5; Luke 13:10-16). But here in Matthew 6, Christ outlines the heart behind the Sabbath as God instituted it long ago.

The Sabbath was intended to remind the Israelites that God would care for them. They could put aside gathering food and supplies one day a week and one year in seven. It was a rhythm of putting into practice exactly what Jesus said: “Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” (v. 25). Sabbath has always been seeking first the kingdom of heaven.

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