Our Daily Bread and COVID-19

How Our Daily Bread is dealing with the Coronavirus    (updated August 25, 2020)

Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada continues to operate and provide full service at this time. Our customer service team has returned to the office to provide for your needs.  Our warehouse and shipping department is working within the recommendations set forth by the Ontario Government to ensure our employee safety.  We continue to have daily pick ups and deliveries by Canada Post.

    • Windsor, Ontario Office Status:  CUSTOMER SERVICE OPEN DAILY (Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm EDT)
    • Inventory & Shipping:  SHIPPING DAILY
    • Burnaby, BC Office Status:  PERMANENTLY CLOSED (Phones in Burnaby have been forwarded to our Windsor office.)
    • Our Daily Bread Mailings:  ON SCHEDULE  
    • Discovery House On-Line Ordering:  WEBSITE IS BEING REDEVELOPED.  To order, please phone 1-800-650-0557 or email customer service at: orders@dhponline.ca
      Note: Canada Post is still reporting some parcel delays.  Please allow extra delivery time to all mail packages.
  • Concerns of the spread of the virus on mail is minimal. Paper does not allow the virus to survive as long because the small spaces or holes in the paper can trap the microbe and prevent its transfer. In addition, the sheath around the virus dries in paper, causing the virus to die. Some initial tests have shown the virus lasts less than 24 hours on paper products.
  • Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada is not funded or endowed by any denomination, agency or corporation. During this time, we still rely on the donations of friends and supporters of Our Daily Bread to ensure we are able to maintain our day to day operations. Donations can be made securely online at ourdailybread.ca/donate, through an Interac E-Transfer to ‘donate@odb.ca’ or through your online banking bill payment option (send a donation to Our Daily Bread the same way you pay your bills).
  • Since this situation changes almost daily, we ask for your prayers, patience and understanding if our customer service response times are delayed, or if mailings do not arrive on time. We are working diligently to ensure we keep on top of the situation to provide you the Scriptural resources you’ve come to rely on each day. 

For more on how we can cope with the Coronavirus pandemic, we invite you to read a special article written by Daniel Ryan Day – one of the hosts on Discover The Word:

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For on-line resources from Our Daily Bread to keep your focus on God during the days ahead, visit:



How can we as Christians respond to the Coronavirus?