Christmas season is a great time to share the Good News of God’s love and hope. These short, easy-to-read resources can help. Order these booklets and share with your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers and more!

This special edition with 10 Christmas reflections focuses on the Life and Light of Christ. It helps reignite the astonishment and wonder we experience when He brings light into our world with His presence. Available in English, French and Spanish.

We all know the Christmas story . . . Mary and Joseph, Jesus in a manger, angels, wise men. But exploring how the intricate details in the accounts of both Matthew and Luke blend together to enhance this life-changing story, can deepen and illuminate the mystery of God in the manger.

The hope of Christmas is that God is always faithful despite our doubts. This booklet reminds us that like Zechariah and Elizabeth, God has not forgotten us in our doubt, disappointment, loneliness or grief.

Jesus made it possible for us to be right with God and live in harmony with each other. His invitation into the family of believers is for everyone. This booklet with 10 Christmas Reflections on Christ and Community, helps us focus on the oneness we can all enjoy because of Christ.

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