Employment Opportunity:
Manager of Content & Digital Communications

Location: Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada, 11325 Firgrove Drive, Windsor, Ontario, Canada (this is an on-site position)

Employment Status:  Permanent, Full Time (40 hours/week)

Benefits: Complete benefits package including Dental, medical, vision & extended health care.

Start Date: As soon as possible

About Us:

Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to making life-changing wisdom of Bible understandable and accessible to all.  Using Christian principles in all our materials, the truths of Scripture are presented through print, digital, audio and video resources.  Perhaps best known for the Our Daily Bread daily devotional, the Canadian office also translates additional resources into French, and supports additional languages through cooperation with other Our Daily Bread Ministries offices around the world.

About the Position:

We are looking for a professional Manager of Content & Digital Communications with a passion for the Word of God, and has extensive experience in writing, editing, and content planning. Coupled with the editorial experience, they will have experience in website design, email marketing, social media relations, strategic marketing and promotion, in order to plan and enhance our digital activities within Canada.

The ideal candidate will value the mission and vision of Our Daily Bread Ministries, has a desire to contribute to the growth of our ministry, and understands how to effectively write and engage with digital users to generate both brand interaction and conversion.  The Manager of Content & Digital Communications is responsible to provide expertise and leadership in the creation, integration, and prioritization of new content, the repurposing of existing content, and the development and execution of comprehensive and cohesive content plan for Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada. The position also integrates the oversight of the digital engagement strategy, using tactful and concise written copy to draw users to Our Daily bread Ministries vast resource of material, while overseeing campaigns, projects and dialogue aimed at increasing engagement across all digital platforms, either on its own or in conjunction with print campaigns. This position requires an advanced knowledge of the Bible, the ability to provide Biblical counsel and answers in response to questions and feedback from various channels, and the ability to share the basis of their faith as required.

Key Job Responsibilities Include:

  1. Plan strategy of Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada content – Print/digital, audio, and video media.
    • Creating and curating content that recognizes Our Daily Bread Ministries’ emphasis on Bible Engagement, by developing a content calendar that ensures timely delivery of new content, manages a production schedule, and develops resources that help Christians grow in their spiritual relationship with God.
    • Writing and editing materials/working with writers/ content creators, while monitoring the quality of content to ensure theological fidelity to Our Daily Bread Ministries statement of faith.
  2. Development and implementation of Bible Engagement strategy, content and user Journey strategy across marketing platforms to guide users into a deeper relationship with God.
  3. Develop and mentor writers for Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada content—working with authors to develop content sensitive to theological trends and current cultural issues.
  4. Work with Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada Marketing team to collaborate, develop and integrate distribution and promotion plans for Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada Content across print a digital platforms.
  5. Work with Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada Marketing team to identify new audience segments and targeted content creation plans.
  6. Assess Our Daily Bread Ministries global resources for appropriate use by Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada – translation and editing as needed.
  7. Cultivate relationships with other publishers and ministries for content development and distribution.
  8. Product development (clear, compelling, and engaging content, through innovation and testing around 3 Rs – Read, Reflect, Respond)
  9. Represents Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada as needed with cross-functional global teams to coordinate digital engagement tactics and editorial collaboration.
  10. Manage multiple digital ministry marketing projects/campaigns as agreed from inception to completion. Update Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada websites and social media as required.
  11. Ensure data privacy and compliance regulations are followed, updated and maintained.
  12. Coordinate communication among Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada teams and outside vendors to ensure a complete understanding of project plans, requirements, deliverables, and deadlines.
  13. Identify, track, and report on each project’s scope, timeframe, and cost.
  14. Develop specific process flows for each project and recommend process improvements.
  15. Maintain consistent recurring deadlines for regularly scheduled digital campaigns.
  16. Oversee updating consumer website and webstore interface and social media outlets.
  17. Research trends, techniques, and technologies useful to fulfill all digital engagement functions.
  18. Maintain a user-focused approach to all digital engagement tactics, including user testing and research to inform the most effective ways to engage digital users.
  19. Use social listening tools to monitor online conversations and provide sentiment analysis for relevant topics to all ministry efforts.
  20. Track and report monthly on all digital KPI’s.
  21. Provide Biblical answers in response to questions and feedback from various channels.

Education, Knowledge and Experience:

In this very specialized and unique position, we are looking for someone who is highly organized and has the following experience and education:

  1. BA degree in English, Publishing, Journalism, Marketing or a related field, or equivalent experience.
  2. An advanced theological degree.
  3. Three years practical experience in a related field (journalism, publishing, etc), including two years experience as an editor.
  4. Knowledge of denominational distinctives and current theological trends is required.
  5. Leadership skills required, especially timeliness and the ability to manage deadlines.
  6. Interpersonal intelligence and collaborative attitude
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  8. Knowledge of SEO best practices
  9. Knowledge of content management and delivery systems an asset
  10. UX/UI knowledge or experience an asset
  11. Digital Asset Management Systems knowledge an asset
  12. Advanced knowledge of Adobe suite of products, and Microsoft Office suite.
  13. In-depth experience establishing and fulfilling KPI’s for visitor website goals, engagement on social media and revenue targets for online sales.
  14. Advanced Biblical knowledge to ensure content is aligned to correct interpretation and application.
  15. Strive to live a life consistent with biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.
  16. A strong command of the English language with advanced writing skills is critical.

Internal Work Environment

  • Involves complex communication with individuals/groups throughout the organization.  Clear and concise communication is essential.
  • Persuasion, discretion, and tact are needed to educate and gain support for marketing efforts with individuals and/or groups throughout the organization.
  • Must be capable of diplomatic partnership communication with all ministry team(s) and affiliated offices globally.
  • Communication may be sensitive when dealing with staff issues, and may be technical or theological in nature.
  • Lead content creation team, giving direction to authors and editors.
  • Responsible for assigning work to staff and handling staff-related issues as directed or as they arise.
  • Pray with staff occasionally.  Provide answers to theological questions received from constituents.

External Work Environment

  • High degree of communication is required in networking with other organizations, consultants and vendors. Professionalism, tact, and persuasion are required.
  • Responsible for decisions that will affect how our public views Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada
  • Extensive communication with outside writers and organizations.
  • Topics are often complex and sensitive.
  • Travel to USA required. Potential travel to affiliate offices in other countries.

Stewardship of Resources

  • Maintains curriculum quality and scheduling standards.
  • Reviews the appropriateness of expenditures.
  • Establishes the budget for Discovery Series.
  • Works with other teams to identify cost saving opportunities.
  • Researches cost of projects and makes recommendations on expenditures and budget. Must be sensitive to the charitable accountability to donors in the use of funds.
  • Must allocate time resources in an efficient and organized manner.

Miscellaneous notes for consideration:

  • This work is in a secure environment that is regulated by PIPEDA and PCI Compliance, and requires a background check and police clearance as a part of the employment contract.  A confidentiality agreement is also required to conform to privacy policies.
  • Each person that works at Our Daily Bread Ministries strives to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development in line with conservative Christian teaching.
  • Should be comfortable with their faith and biblical knowledge.
  • Participate in devotional discussion and prayer time.

Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada is a Christian religious ministry that is primarily engaged in serving the interests of Christians who wish to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to both Christians and non-Christians. An express occupational requirement for all employees is that they both abide by and are able and willing to promote the Christian faith as expressed in the employee manual as an integral part of their duties. Based on Biblical principles, all employees must agree with and sign our statement of faith.  They must also strive to live a life consistent with biblical principles, be engaged with the Bible on a consistent basis, and demonstrate continued spiritual growth and spiritual development. Our Daily Bread Ministries’ legacy and the richness of our organization’s history, requires that all employees will strive to reflect our commitment to diversity by honouring the ministry’s mission, vision, values/ethos and guiding principles.  Our team must be:

Please apply with resume and cover letter stating clearly how you have met requirements to:

or send your application to:

Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada,
Attn: Human Resources, Digital Recruiting
P.O. Box 1622, Windsor, Ontario N9A 6Z7

Only shortlisted candidates who meet our requirements will be contacted.