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The Power of Christ

Today's Devotional

Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him. Mark 4:41

In 2013, about six hundred on-site spectators watched aerialist Nik Wallenda walk on a tightrope across a 1,400-foot-wide gorge near the Grand Canyon. Wallenda stepped onto the 2-inch-thick steel cable and thanked Jesus for the view as his head camera pointed toward the valley below. He prayed and praised Jesus as he walked across the gorge as calmly as if he was strolling on a sidewalk. When the wind became treacherous, he stopped and crouched. He rose and regained his balance, thanking God for “calming that cable.” With every step on that tightrope, he displayed his dependence on the power of Christ to everyone listening then and now as the video is watched across the world.

When the winds of a storm caused waves to overtake the disciples on the Sea of Galilee, fear seeped through their pleas for help (Mark 4:35–38). After Jesus stilled the squall, they knew He controlled the winds and everything else (vv. 39–41). Slowly they learned to grow in their trust of Him. Their personal experiences could help others recognize Jesus’ intimate availability and extraordinary might.

As we experience life’s storms or walk on the tightropes of trust stretched over the deep valleys of affliction, we can demonstrate confident faith in the power of Christ. God will use our faith-walk to inspire others to hope in Him.

How has witnessing Christ’s power in the lives of others strengthened your faith? How can prayer help you walk with confident faith?

Thank You, Father, for calming my heart as I trust You through life’s stormy seasons.


Many of the disciples were experienced fishermen who would have faced many storms, but Mark describes this one as uniquely terrifying and life-threatening (Mark 4:37–38). In Jewish belief, the sea was associated with the chaotic forces of evil and destruction, adding an extra level of terror. Jesus and the disciples’ lives were under siege by forces of evil.

But Jewish faith also described God as the Creator who brings order out of chaos (Genesis 1:2–3, 6–9), who stills not only “the roaring of the seas” but “the turmoil of the nations” (Psalm 65:7). Jesus’ calm rebuke of the wind and waves was unmistakable evidence that the power of God was at work in Him. Through Christ, God’s kingdom was coming, and the forces of evil would be powerless to resist Him. The disciples couldn’t yet grasp this and were “terrified” by Jesus’ power (Mark 4:41).

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