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Together We Win

Two are better than one . . . : If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. Ecclesiastes 4:9–10

In the middle of the night, Pastor Samuel Baggaga received a call asking him to come to the home of a church member. When he arrived, he found a house engulfed by fire. The father, though burned himself, had reentered the home to rescue one of his children and emerged with an unconscious daughter. The hospital, in this rural Ugandan setting, was six miles (10 kilometers) away. With no transportation available, the pastor and the father started running to the hospital with the child. When one of them tired from carrying the injured girl, the other one took over. Together they made the journey; the father and his daughter were treated and then fully recovered.

In Exodus 17:8–13 the Lord orchestrated a great victory that included the efforts of Joshua, who led fighting men on the battlefield; and Moses, who kept his hands raised while holding the staff of God. When Moses’ hands grew weary, Aaron and Hur assisted by each holding up one of his hands until the setting of the sun and the defeat of the enemy.

The value of interdependence can never be underestimated. God, in His kindness, graciously provides people as His agents for mutual good. Listening ears and helpful hands; wise, comforting, and correcting words—these and other resources come to us and through us to others. Together we win and God gets the glory!

At what times in your life have you benefited from the support of others? Who might you know who needs you to run with them in this season of their life?

Father, thank You for those You’ve graciously provided in my life and for those You’ve allowed me to share life with for our mutual good and Your glory.


The Amalekites were one of a number of ancient tribes that persistently acted like a thorn in Israel’s side. Their name comes from the founder of this particular group, Amalek, one of the grandsons of Esau (Genesis 36:12). This would make the Amalekites cousins of the Israelites, who were descendants of Jacob/Israel, Esau’s twin brother. While it seems clear that Esau and Jacob had patched up their relationship with one another after years of hatred and resentment, the same can’t be said of Esau’s descendants. David fought against Amalekite raiders who’d stolen property, wives, and children from him and his men (2 Samuel 1:1). The Amalekites are mentioned for the final time in the Old Testament in 1 Chronicles 4:43, where they’re finally defeated and destroyed by Israel. It’s a long, sad story of hatred and its destructive results.

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