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Freedom on the Path

Today's Devotional

You, the Upright One, make the way of the righteous smooth. Isaiah 26:7

In Beep Baseball, the players who are blind listen for a beeping ball or buzzing base to know what to do and where to go. The blindfolded batter (to account for various degrees of blindness) and sighted pitcher are on the same team. When a batter swings the bat and hits the beeping ball, he or she runs toward the buzzing base. The batter is out if a fielder “smothers” the ball before the batter makes it to the base; otherwise, the batter scores a run. One player remarked that the best part is that he feels “great freedom in running” because he knows there’s a clear path and direction.

The book of Isaiah tells us that God, “the Upright One, make[s] the way of the righteous smooth” (26:7). When this was written, the path for the Israelites looked anything but smooth; they were experiencing divine judgment for their disobedience. Isaiah exhorted them to walk in faith and obedience—the often difficult but smooth path. Being concerned for God’s “name and renown” (v. 8) was to be their hearts’ focus.

As believers in Jesus, we come to know more about God and build our trust in His faithful character as we follow His ways in obedience. Our path in life may not always look or feel smooth, but we can be assured as we trust in Him that God is alongside us and making a way. We too can feel freedom as we run in obedience on God’s best path for us.

What steps of obedience do you need to take? When and how might you do this?

Father God, I’m grateful for the freedom I experience on Your good path. Please keep showing me Your way.


Isaiah 26 is part of a section of Isaiah that contains a message of both judgment and hope for all nations (chs. 13–27). In chapters 24–27, a contrast is drawn between two cities: the “lofty city” (26:5), representing human rebellion, oppression, and injustice; and the new Jerusalem. Isaiah 26 promises that God would level the “lofty city” and establish instead the new Jerusalem, a “strong city” (v. 1) and haven of peace, justice, and faithfulness. Only God could create this city (v. 12) and teach “the people of the world . . . righteousness” (v. 9).

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