Our Story - Spreading God's Love

In 1938, the ministry started with a radio program called Detroit Bible Class. Since then, our audience has grown from a small group of dedicated radio listeners to millions of people around the world who use our Bible-based resources.

Over the years our name has changed to better reflect the variety of resources we offer. Today, we realize that most people recognize who we are by the well-loved devotional Our Daily Bread.  So we changed our name to Our Daily Bread Ministries to more clearly communicate who we are. Although our name has changed, our focus remains the same: reaching out to people all around the world with the message of God’s love.

We’re a non-denominational, non-profit charitable organization registered with Canada Revenue Agency.  Our staff staff and volunteers work out of our office in Windsor, Ontario, and we also are affiliated with over 37 Our Daily Bread offices around the world.  Globally, the ministry of Our Daily Bread distributes more than 60 million resources in 150 countries. Regardless of whether it’s a radio or television broadcast, DVD, podcast, book, mobile app, or website, we provide materials to help people grow in their relationship with God.

It’s about God’s faithfulness. And You.
For over 80 years, we’ve witnessed God’s faithfulness to the mission of Our Daily Bread Ministries. And we know that it’s only with you, your families, your friends, your churches and your support that we’ve been able to share the good news of God’s love, grace, and forgiveness all over the world.

For a special look into the Canadian office and the history of Our Daily Bread in Canada, please visit https://ourdailybread.ca/anniversary/.