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Putting on Humility

Today's Devotional

[Jesus] took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being. Philippians 2:7 nlt

The CEO of a frozen treats franchise went undercover on the television series Undercover Boss, donning a cashier’s uniform. Working at one of the franchise’s stores, her wig and makeup disguised her identity as she became the “new” employee. Her goal was to see how things were really working from the inside and on the ground. Based on her observations, she was able to solve some of the issues the store was facing.

Jesus took on a “humble position” (Philippians 2:7 nlt) to solve our issues. He became human—walking the earth, teaching us about God, and ultimately dying on a cross for our sins (v. 8). This sacrifice exposed Christ’s humility as He obediently gave His life as our sin offering. He walked the earth as a man and experienced what we experience—from ground level.

As believers in Jesus, we’re called to have the “same attitude” as our Savior especially in our relationships with other believers (v. 5 nlt). God helps us to clothe ourselves in humility (v. 3) and adopt the mindset of Christ (v. 5). He prompts us to live as servants ready to meet others’ needs and willing to lend a helping hand. As God leads us to humbly love others, we’re in a better position to serve them and to compassionately seek solutions to the issues they face.

How can you lovingly address the needs and issues others are facing? What does it mean for you to live out the humility of Jesus?

Holy God, thank You for the sacrifice of Jesus for me. Please give me the mindset of Christ as I humbly serve my brothers and sisters.


In Philippians 2:5, the apostle Paul urges the Philippians (and us) to have the same mindset as Christ in our relationships with others. Even though Jesus was and is God, He humbled Himself by leaving His Father’s side to become a man, a “servant,” to pay the price for our sins on the cross (vv. 7–8). We’re to be imitators of Christ (vv. 1–4); He put others and their needs above His own, and that’s what He desires of us. This requires humility. A Bible commentator aptly states, “Jesus is the paradigm of genuine spiritual progress: not a self-aggrandizing struggle for supremacy, but a deep love for God and neighbor shown in deeds of service.” Thankfully, He’s given us the Holy Spirit to serve as our counselor and guide to help us in our journey to be more like Him (John 14:16, 26).

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