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Jesus’ Ultimate Victory

Today's Devotional

As they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes . . . and they were defeated. 2 Chronicles 20:22

At some military camps across Europe during World War II, an unusual type of supply was air-dropped for homesick soldiers—upright pianos. They were specially manufactured to contain only 10 percent of the normal amount of metal, and they received special water-resistant glue and anti-insect treatments. The pianos were rugged and simple but provided hours of spirit-lifting entertainment for soldiers who gathered around to sing familiar songs of home.

Singing—especially songs of praise—is one way that believers in Jesus can find peace in the battle too. King Jehoshaphat found this to be true when he faced vast invading armies (2 Chronicles 20). Terrified, the king called all the people together for prayer and fasting (vv. 3–4). In response, God told him to lead out soldiers to meet the enemy, promising that they’d “not have to fight this battle” (v. 17). Jehoshaphat believed God and acted in faith. He appointed singers to go ahead of the soldiers and sing praise to God for the victory they believed they would see (v. 21). And as their music began, He miraculously defeated their enemies and saved His people (v. 22).

Victory doesn’t always come when and how we want it to. But we can always proclaim Jesus’ ultimate victory over sin and death that’s already been won for us. We can choose to rest in a spirit of worship even in the middle of a war zone.

How can you praise God right where you are today? How can you press into the victory that Jesus has won for you?

You’re stronger than my enemies, dear God. I lift up Your name in faith today.


To “stand before the Lord” is a Scriptural expression for waiting in God’s presence (see Leviticus 9:5–6; Deuteronomy 4:10–14). In 2 Chronicles 20, the word stand is a significant theme. Jehoshaphat “stood up in . . . the temple of the Lord” to pray (v. 5), saying “we will stand in your presence . . . and you will hear us and save us” (v. 9). Then all the people of Judah “stood . . . before the Lord” (v. 13). In response, God encouraged them to “stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord [would] give [them]” (v. 17).

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