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Who Am I?

Today's Devotional

But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? 1 Chronicles 29:14

As a member of the leadership team for a local ministry, part of my job was to invite others to join us as group discussion leaders. My invitations described the time commitment required and outlined the ways leaders would need to engage with their small group participants, both in meetings and during regular phone calls. I was often reluctant to impose on other people, being aware of the sacrifice they’d be making to become a leader. And yet sometimes their reply would completely overwhelm me: “I’d be honored.” Instead of citing legitimate reasons to decline, they described their gratitude to God for all He’d done in their lives as their reason for being eager to give back.

When the time came to give resources toward building a temple for God, David had a similar response: “Who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this?” (1 Chronicles 29:14). David’s generosity was driven by gratitude for God’s involvement in his life and that of the people of Israel. His response speaks of his humility and his acknowledgment of His goodness toward “foreigners and strangers” (v. 15).

Our giving to God’s work—whether in time, talent, or treasure—reflects our gratitude to the One who gave to us to begin with. All that we have comes from His hand (v. 14); in response, we can give gratefully to Him.

How has God been involved in your life? How can you give in response?

Dear Father, please help me to respond to Your love and care with a generous heart.


In 1 Chronicles 28:1, David addressed an assembly he called together for the purpose of building the temple. All the important officials of Israel were there: national and tribal leaders, military commanders and heroes, palace officials, and those in charge of the royal property. Having been denied by God the opportunity to build the temple himself, David had resolved to set his son Solomon up for success (22:7–19). In so doing, he led by example by giving generously out of his own wealth (29:2–5). But he understood a critical truth: he and the people were only able to give from what God had already given to them. Every gift had come from God in the first place (v. 16).

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